A Poor Collector's Guide to Buying Great Art (by Erling Kagge)


A Poor Collector's Guide to Buying Great Art sheds light on the secrets of collecting great art. The book tells you all you need to know about the subject: where to start, how to look for works, how to trust your own taste - and much more. The book is written by Erling Kagge, a Norwegian lawyer, author and art collector. He collects contemporary art and Russian icons, and sits on the board of Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art.

Today’s art market is incredibly dynamic. There are so many compelling works, shows, and exhibitions to choose from. Because there is so much to discover and see, many people are getting interested in collecting art. But since it’s impossible to keep track of all developments, becoming an art collector is not easy.

A Poor Collector’s Guide to Buying Great Art provides relief and offers sound advice to those who want to buy art but don’t know how or where to do it. They might have preferences in terms of styles or techniques, but they’re not familiar with how the buying process works. Perhaps they already have specific pieces in mind but don’t yet trust the rules of the art market —if such rules actually exist. What does someone actually need to know to prevent their personal tastes from leading them to make the wrong investment decisions?

This book illuminates all aspects of becoming an expert at buying art that one will enjoy for many years, such as how to get started, how to take one’s tastes seriously, how to do a targeted search for pieces, how to learn to appraise prices, and how to find trustworthy partners

Author : Erling Kagge
Language : English
Publication year : 2015
Binding : Hardcover
Pages : 192
Size : 17 × 24 cm
Weight : 0.68 kg